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[Gainesville, FL] It really doesn’t get less hygienic than living in a fraternity house with 40 guys – unless you’ve only got one washer and dryer.

In the two years Kyle Lampkin did, he used to do laundry at a friend’s apartment. Pretty soon, she found out why and was doing half the fraternity’s laundry for $20 a load in a matter of days. The next time Lampkin took a basket over, he was greeted by a living room scattered with heaps of sweatpants and fraternity tank tops, and a washer machine that was set to run overtime for the next few days.

As he walked to class the next morning, it hit him: laundry belonged in the on-demand economy. Two years later, Lampkin and his partner Michael Behfar, managed to build out and app and partner with the University of Florida as well as some key advisors to carry out their dream.

Laundr’s concept is simple: Why rebuild the industry’s infrastructure when it’s possible to just build on top of it? Instead of building their own washing centers and buying their own vans, Laundr allows people to work on their own time either washing clothes or delivering laundry. In building this network of customers, drivers and washers, Laundr will not only become the first one-tap same-day laundry processing and delivery service, but it will also employ potentially thousands of people, providing supplementary income for simple and easy home-based labor.