How much does your apartment charge you for use of the shared washer/drier? Or worse yet, *gulp* how much do you get charged by the local laundromat? Either way, if it’s less than $5 per load, consider yourself lucky. Until I got wise to the ways of Big Detergent, I was not only overspending on laundry services, but I was still also frustrated with the sub-par performance of my washing routine. 

I was living in Miami paying $20 to wash and dry my clothes every week when I decided laundry the old-fashioned way just wasn’t for me. What changed my life was stumbling upon one of these three innovative ways you can stop giving your lunch money to a greedy apartment complex or the local coin laundry.

Laundry Delivery Services

Laundry delivery apps connect washers with people who need their clothes washed 

Delivery services like Laundr are not just a way for you to rescue a couple hours a week, they can also save you money and get you a much better wash in the process. The best part? If you know somebody with a washer/dryer, apps like this one can get them paid to run your clothes through their machine. 

Anybody with a washer/dryer can earn money in their spare time with a system like Laundr. 

Washers who earn hundreds of dollars a week will often have scent booster, softener, and dryer sheets in bulk. That means they can give your clothes the VIP treatment every time. Laundr even offers 6-in-1 laundry bombs that make “the perfect wash” a simple reality. 

Used Washing Machine and Hang Dry

In a corner of Reddit called /r/Frugal, folks compare the prices of things like furniture, pottery, and air conditioning. 

One user /u/takeiteasy915 says she found a used washer on Craigslist for $120.

This option is good for anybody who can handle washer installation themselves or has the resources to be able to simply have somebody install it for them. However, the key benefit of a washing machine is that it can be plugged directly into a standard wall socket, whereas a dryer needs a larger 220 volt outlet which some homes may not have. 

Portable Washer

Are you a traveler? If you love to camp, van, or trek, this might be the option for you. The Scrubba Bag is a portable washer that you can easily fold into your rucksack for quick access. It is an ingenious easy-to-use system. It is not ideal for home or long-term solutions due to the small capacity, but is a great project for camping trips, hostels, or other short term living situations. 

All you do is add your dirty clothes to the bag. Water. Soap. Fold the bag as the instructions indicate. Let out any air bubbles. Scrub for about three minutes. And rinse. 


The old way of washing clothes was expensive and energy-consuming. Just like so many other things, this process can be made easier and more efficient by modern technology. What’s the best new invention or company you’ve seen this week?

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