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When he first moved to Gainesville in 2014, the number one concern in our good friend Zion’s head was “will my house have a washer/dryer unit or do I have to share a washer with a bunch of people?” 

It was after hearing many stories like this one that Florida students Michael Behfar and Kyle Lampkin decided to use a peer-to-peer system to shake up how the world does laundry. The revolution starts here in Gainesville. 

This article will cover:

  • What Laundr is
  • How it works
  • What are the benefits of this techy laundry service

It’s Like Uber For Your Clothes | University of Florida Laundry App

Laundr connects dirty hampers with available washing machines. The award-winning app gives access to private washers and dryers for people with dirty clothes who might otherwise have to pay a substantial amount for a sub-par wash.

Step 1: You make your order

Step 2: Clothing gets picked up at your doorstep

Step 3: Clothes are brought to the washer and weighed

Step 4: Clothes are washed and dried to your preference

Step 5: Clothes are weighed again to ensure than nothing is compromised

Step 6: Clothes are sealed in our tamper-proof boxes

Step 7: Clothes are delivered back to you

Benefits of Using Laundr | University of Florida Laundry App

Washing your clothes using community machines can be a huge chore. Not only do you have to physically drag your clothes there and back, you are also forced to expose your undies to the public! On top of these inconveniences, community cleaners can hurt your wallet. 

On average it costs $5 to wash and dry a single load of laundry. That is without counting the monthly expenses of laundry detergent, scent enhancer, softener, and dryer sheets.

If you have you ever worried about people stealing your clothes out of the machine, Laundr is the service for you

The benefits of Laundr are:

  • privacy
  • quality of wash
  • time


Do you think you overspend on laundry? Leave a comment below if you do. Maybe we can help.

For more info about Laundr and Laundr Bombs at, or on our social media pages:

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