Getting good laundry service in Gainesville is a simple matter of being resourceful and asking uncle Google. Our name should be one of the first to come up. 

Laundr is a not-so-modern problem that requires a modern solution. Getting good laundry service in Gainesville is a simple matter of downloading an app. Press go. Poof. Receive fresh, clean clothes at your doorstep every week.

Or if you have an available machine and you’d like to earn an extra income every week, just become a washer! Laundr connects dirty hampers with available washing machines. The local, award-winning app gives access to private washers and dryers for people with dirty clothes who might otherwise have to pay a substantial amount for a sub-par wash.

How do I sign up?

Step 1: Download

Step 2: Open the app and click “Sign up” on the homepage 

Step 3: Enter the requested information and either click the “next” button or swipe through the pages 

Step 4: When you are done, click “sign up.” You will then be redirected back to the login page where you will enter your Email and Password 

Step 5: Enter the confirmation code that was texted to the phone number you used to sign up

Once your account is verified, you will have complete access to Laundr!

How to Place an Order

First make sure you have given the app location permission (requested on the homescreen) and entered your payment info (accessible through the sidebar or at the bottom of the homepage).

Once complete, tap the “new order” button on the homescreen and select your preferences by either tapping “next” or swiping through the order process screens. 

On the review page, make sure all of the information is correct and then tap “Place order.” 

For more info about Laundr and Laundr Bombs at, or on our social media pages:

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