I used to be jealous of my best friend in middle school because his mom used laundry fragrance boosters and mine didn’t. Gabriel’s laundry was always velvety and smelled like it had just come from golf at the country club; mine didn’t smell bad or anything, but there was a noticeable difference in professionalism within our gang of 13-year-olds. 

There are the three most common mistakes people make in the laundry room to leave clothes smelling sub-par. This article will show you how to make your clothes smell good. 

Mistake #1 — Forgetting your laundry in the wash: 

You’ve probably been in this situation yourself. Laundry isn’t generally something we focus on intensely. We mostly just toss a load into the machine and forget about it for an hour. We tend to de-prioritize what’s not in front of us. 

If we allow ourselves to become distracted it’s very easy for our wet clothes to attract mildew, in particular cotton clothes. 

How to Fix — Set an alarm:

To get rid of mildew you can usually just run the clothes through a hot rinse cycle with detergent. However, if this doesn’t work, don’t worry!

This is the failsafe way you can get rid of mildew on damp clothes:
Add a tablespoon of vinegar to your load in the washer. The acid in the vinegar will kill all odor-producing bacteria and mildew spores. The scent of vinegar will evaporate away by the time the clothes come out of the dryer. 

Generally, the culprit behind smelly clothes is mildew.

Mistake #2 — People sometimes don’t know they have to wash the washing machine

This doesn’t have to be every week or anything, but it is important. Generally, the culprit behind smelly clothes is mildew. Your washer is a dark, humid environment. Perfect for mold growth. 

How to Fix 

Clean your washer about once a month if your clothes are constantly leaving the laundry room smelling ripe.

To clean your washer, just wipe down the drum with bleach then toss two or three tablespoons of baking soda in there. Run an empty hot wash cycle to get rid of the chemicals. 

Mistake #3 — Using the wrong scent booster: 

This was Gabriel’s mom’s secret. Fabric softener is nice, but the right laundry scent booster will bring your fragrance game to a whole other level. The problem with fabric softeners is that they can only add a subtle scent to clothing, and they don’t neutralize any existing odors.

How to Fix

If your clothes are still smelling lackluster even after a thorough washing machine cleaning, try a stronger scented detergent like Laundr Bombs to thoroughly remove “sticky” odors from your clothes while replacing them with your favorite scent. These are a guarantee you will leave the laundry room with a grin on your face.

Conclusion: Have you ever heard of laundry bombs?

If you aren’t happy with your warm, staticky bundle of clothes coming out of the drier, it could be time to try something different. Laundry bombs, for example, are a secret of the laundromat trade that could make a big difference in your mornings. 

Let us know if you have ever used these or something similar!

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