How to use Laundr Bombs

META: Did you know the “perfect wash” calls for six separate cleaning products?? Laundr bombs make the mythical “perfect wash” an easy reality with just a single bomb.

What are laundry bombs

Consider the reason your clothes have never felt the same after that first wash. Washing your clothes with a simple, powerful Laundr Bomb is like taking your laundry to the spa.

Laundry bombs are all-inclusive solutions for the perfect wash. All the washing products in a laundry bomb can be expensive and confusing to deal with separately, but make no mistake; they are hugely important to the end product.

Laundry bombs are a convenient way to utilize all of the greatest laundry products and recapture that immediate, fresh-off-the-shelves softness without breaking the bank.

6-in-1 Laundr Bomb Technology includes: detergent, stain remover, anti static, brightener, scent booster, and softener

A 6-in-1 Laundr Bomb includes: detergent, stain remover, anti static, brightener, scent booster, and softener. The perfect amount of all of those ingredients adds up to a “perfect wash.” A perfect wash every week can cost you between $5 and $15 depending on the products you choose and how much of them you actually end up using.

Juggling all the products is also a hassle. Good news. Laundr Bombs are pre-measured. Gone are the days of cringing at the crust inside of the detergent cap. 

What this looks like in real life is that getting the “perfect wash” means you need an upgrade. We can help! 

9 Steps to Master Laundr Bombs

Laundr Bombs work for any kind of washing machine, and are even good for washing delicates. You can use them in high-efficiency machines as well.

Do not use Laundr bombs in conjunction with other laundry fragrance boosters, laundry pods, scent beads, or other scented laundry products. For the best results, dry your clothes for a longer amount of time on the lowest heat setting your dryer provides. This will help preserve as much as of the long-lasting fragrance booster as possible while also keeping the fibers of your clothes soft and relaxed. 

Don’t forget to follow these step-by-step instructions to get the most out of your laundry experience!

  1. Separate your clothes as usual
  2. Take care to read the garments’ fabric care label instructions 
  3. Decide what size your load is. Remember you can overload your washer
  4. Take the Laundr Bomb out of the box with dry hands 
  5. Place one bomb at the bottom of the machine drum. Do not place it in the dispenser drawer
  6. Fill the washer halfway with water
  7. Drop your clothes into the washer on top of the laundry bomb
  8. Select the appropriate wash cycle setting 
  9. Store Laundr Bombs in a dry environment and re-seal the package after each use

Bonus Round: Other ways to improve your laundry experience!

Laundry bombs are a better way of doing laundry for your house. They are powerful, simple, and efficient. To make that laundry smell and feel even better, here are some more tips

  • Dry your garments longer on your dryer’s lowest heat setting for a longer period of time.
    • This reduces the stress on your laundry’s more delicate fabrics.
  • At least once a month, run your washer without any clothes or soap in it. For bonus cleaning power, add a splash of white vinegar. 
    • This will help wash away any residual dirt from your previous loads of laundry as well as keep your washer mildew-free.
  • For further optimization, read our article on removing bad smells from your laundry. [link]

What laundry problem does your family most complain about? If you leave a comment below, we’ll try to help you resolve it. 

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