Fun fact: Did you know dryer sheets are made of polyester and coated with a softening agent?

Scent booster and scented detergent achieve the same thing. Dryer sheets and softener liquid achieve the same thing.

A “perfect wash” exercises a delicate balance between these laundry products to give you a feeling and smell that is exactly right. However, you don’t need to use both scented detergent AND scent booster in the same manner you don’t need to use both dryer sheets and liquid softener. 

Here we will explain how you can solve this equation to get the perfect wash every time.

Liquid Softener vs Dryer Sheets

These guys do the same thing, which is to remove static and wrinkles from your clothes. They are great for keeping your laundry neat and crisp, but do little for any kind of fragrance. 

Compared with scented detergent and scent booster, any fragrance effects they do have are short-lived and weak. 

Dryer sheets:

Dryer sheets accomplish the same thing as liquid softener, but they do it in a different way. Dryer sheets are generally made out of polyester materials coated with stearic acid or some other softening agent. This melts off the sheet inside the dryer. 

For this reason, these sheets can be applied directly over clothes. 

Liquid Softener:

Liquid softener should not be applied to clothes directly the same way detergent and dryer sheets are. Over time, it can build up in your washer and increase the frequency of cleaning. 

Liquid softener can carry the risk of staining your clothes, especially if you pour it directly onto the fabric. To avoid this nasty side-effect, make it a habit to use the dispenser.  

With liquid softener, make it a habit to use the dispenser. Don’t pour it directly over clothes

Avoid Using Softeners With These Items

Whether you go with sheets or liquid, softeners are generally oil-based. This means they work by gently coating the fibers of your clothes. They can be a problem for certain items, so proceed with caution.

  • Polyester athletic sportswear — Softeners can interfere with this material’s ability to quickly dissipate and evaporate sweat. 
  • Microfiber fabrics — Softeners can interfere with this material’s ability to absorb liquid and collect dust.
  • Children’s clothing — Children’s clothing is required by law to be flame resistant in America. Softeners can interfere with this ability.
  • Towels — Softeners can interfere with a towel’s ability to pick up liquids, especially over time.

Scented Detergent vs. Scent Booster 

Did you know your sense of smell is the only sense that is directly connected to your feelings within your brain? That is why you can smell something and recall the feelings from your childhood, but not remember any actual memories, whereas it is rare for us to see something and suddenly experience strong feelings without any specific memories anchoring them down.

While softener and sheets serve to keep your clothes soft and static-free, these fragrant products serve to brighten up your day. 

Scented Detergent

Many detergents nowadays are scented. These include Tide Pods, Lysol’s laundry sanitizer additive, and Grab Green’s pods. The problem with these detergents is that they only keep your clothes smelling nice for a single day … or less!

Scent Booster

The purpose of scent boosters is to keep your clothes smelling heavenly for as long as possible. They are like perfume for your clothes. A good scent booster can keep you smitten with your clothes for up to 12 weeks.

Scent boosters come in many shapes and sizes. Often, they are sold as scent beads that you pour directly into the drum of your washer. The most popular scent booster is Proctor & Gamble’s Downy Unstopables. Scent booster is a solution to the weak staying power that scented laundry detergents have on clothing. 


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