Would college really be college without roommates? Communal living is a rite for passage for young adults all over the world, and it is not easy. If this semester will be your first time experiencing shared living space, you are in for a wild ride. Among the many life lessons I learned while sharing space with roommates throughout college were: 

  1. Don’t freaking put the cast iron pan in the dishwasher
  2. Be careful with sticky notes. They can come off snarky
  3. Overnight washing/drying can be a headache for the person who sleeps in the room by the machine. 

One of the most important lessons your roommates teach you is respect. In an ideal world, everybody would give and receive respect from their living partners. The problem occurs when you are sharing a laundry room with 200 others. “Respect” can get messy, quick.

Therefore, laundry at the University of Florida dorms is not your best option. 

UF Laundry Scenarios Ranked by Convenience from worst to best

6. Dorm Laundry
It’s a Sunday on campus. The sun is shining, and you want nothing else than to go hang out with your friends outside and enjoy this beautiful snapshot of your youth. There is one glaring issue, however: you don’t have any more clean underwear.

Now you’re spending your bright, beautiful Sunday schlepping your $5 Walmart laundry hamper down a flight of stairs and across the street. One of the hamper’s straps break as you silently kick yourself for forgetting to subscribe to Laundr. You load your clothes into a frankly deplorable piece of machinery and bid them farewell. Thoughts of your laundry strewn across the communal laundry room floor flood your mind. You cannot be at ease. You spend the better half of your sunday sitting in front of dilapidated laundry machine while scrolling on your phone.

This is dorm laundry.

5. Frat/Sorority Laundry
This is pretty comparable to communal dorm laundry rooms except for the fact that your dormmates are more likely to be your friends, meaning it is less awkward in a few situations. This is still incredibly inconvenient as it requires you to take your hamper of clothes back upstairs to your tiny room to fold them.

4. Laundromat
The laundromat is not for the faint of heart. The smells, noises, and colorful characters are just a few of the accoutrements that make each visit into a special memory. At the end of the day, the cost of running a laundromat is high, which means it is expensive (more than $10 per load) to do laundry there. It isn’t worth it and should only be used in absolutely essential circumstances- like when your building floods and you suddenly need to wash 150lbs of wet clothes.

3. Hallway Laundry
This is the best communal laundry situation. Your washer and dryer is only shared by the people that live in your floor, and that brings a level of accountability to the situation. However, the walk to your door with your laundry hamper can be awkward and you cannot conveniently leave your clothes in the dryer until you have time to fold them, because someone else will assuredly take them out and leave them on top of the dryer in a passive-aggressive manner.

2. Personal Washer and Dryer
Doing laundry in your own home is pretty convenient, but the time it takes to wait for the cycles, and then fold all of your clothes makes it a hassle and sometimes leaves mounds of wrinkled clothing sitting on your bed or on a chair in the corner of your room.

  1. Laundry Delivery Service
    Sometimes expensive, but well worth the money. For just $40 per month, Laundr can take laundry day off your calendar.

Valentina Verano, public relations alumni says, “As a freshman we had a laundry room downstairs. We lived on the third floor so we would have to drag our big-ass laundry bags downstairs. It was simple, but honestly if it would’ve cost the same or like $5 more to have someone pick it up and do it for me, de una (no hesitation).”

Laundry delivery services like Laundr are cool because they provide a higher quality of wash for a tiny fraction of the effort. Plus, it’s a way to avoid mold if you are the kind of person who always forgets to move the clothes from washer to dryer. 

UF Laundry Without A Washer/Dryer Unit

If you don’t have access to a washer/dryer unit, there are a few options available to you. Unfortunately, laundromats are the most common solution. Laundromats and coin laundries are cumbersome every step of the way. 

To start with, coin laundries require you to pay with physical quarters. If you don’t have quarters, you have to go out and exchange cash for coins at a local shop. That leaves you with a bunch of heavy, inefficient currency weighing down your pockets … plus you will jangle your entire way home if you aren’t driving. It can pay to avoid coin laundry.

Problems with Laundromats in Gainesville

  • Coins (Who carries these?)
  • Expensive ($10 to run a washing machine!??!?)
  • Smelly (Did somebody bathe their dog in a spin cycle?)

A Smart Solution: Laundry Delivery Services

Laundry delivery apps connect washers with people who need their clothes washed 

Delivery services like Laundr are not just a way for you to rescue a couple hours a week, they can also save you money and get you a much better wash in the process. The best part? If you know somebody with a washer/dryer, apps like this one can get them paid to run your clothes through their machine. 

If you have you ever worried about people stealing your clothes out of the machine, Laundr is the service for you

The benefits of Laundr are:

  • privacy (I don’t have to interact with anyone today?!)
  • quality of wash (My clothes feel like tiny clouds!)
  • time (I did my laundry and ordered way too much takeout all in the press of a button!)
  • cost ($40 a month to never do my own laundry again? WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!)


The old way of washing clothes was expensive and energy-consuming. Just like so many other things, this process can be made easier and more efficient by modern technology. What’s the best new invention or company you’ve seen this week?

For more info about Laundr and Laundr Bombs at www.laundr.io, or on our social media pages:

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