Laundry bombs are a new kind of laundry detergent that makes your clothes bring you on a scent adventure to your favorite cozy places!

How clean do you like your clothes to be? Typical laundry detergent will get you about half-way there, but what does it do for lasting softness and fragrance? Nothing compared to the look, smell, and feel of a fresh load of laundry from your grandmother’s. What is her secret?

If you want your clothes to feel brand new again, you need a bunch of products; detergent, softener, scent booster, anti-static sheets, color brightener, and stain lifter. Laundry bombs are basically a 6-in-1 “cleaning bomb” that does the job of all of those products and saves you all of the hassle.

Laundry detergent will get you about half-way there

Laundry Bombs: Lifehack of the Month

Michael Behfar, founder of, a laundry delivery service based in Florida, says, “basically, if you want to do a perfect load of laundry you need to buy:

  1. Unscented anti-irritation laundry detergent (hella expensive)
  2. In-wash brightener (keeps colors from fading)
  3. Softener (also expensive and sometimes harmful)
  4. Scent Booster (expensive and you need to use a lot)

… and the big companies won’t put them all together cause they would be cannibalizing their own sales.”

Laundry bombs are a 6-in-1 laundry solution to this.

This new kind of product comes from Pinterest and it is a cheap way for you yourself to capture the freshness of a warm case of laundry from your grandmother’s house. Not only will this upgrade how your clothes smell and feel, it will also save you money— not to mention the hassle of carrying five pounds of materials to and from your car every month!

You Can Also Make Your Own Laundry Bombs 

How crafty are you? If you are the type of person who enjoys thrifty internet finds and practical life hacks, you may be interested in whipping up some of your own homemade laundry bombs. 

This video by eHow explains the process!


The laundry delivery company was started by university students who were sick of doing laundry the traditional way. What problems do you generally have with your laundry?

Melissa Jones is a user who dumped her local laundromat after they hiked prices.

“I used to drop off our laundry at a nearby wash-n-fold but their prices went up a lot over the last couple years. Laundr has prices that are super affordable, especially for the quality of their work and service.”

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