The best way to save.

On-demand laundry service as low as $10/week.

Pick-up and Delivery is always Free.

Unlock Same-Day Delivery

Subscribers get first priority!

When you subscribe, you will be able to schedule the delivery in as little as 4 hours. 

The All-New Family Plan

Skip the laundry room, make time for memories.

On-demand laundry service at $1.20/lb with no limits.

Laundr for Students

Just enough to keep you out of the dorm laundry room. More than enough to tidy up before parent weekend.

$10/week for 40 lbs/month

Requires valid student email at signup.

Subscription Plans for Every Lifestyle

Recurring subscriptions can be purchased in the Laundr app in the “subscriptions page”.


$15 / week

One outfit per day. 48 lbs per month. Laundry made simple.


$20 / week

Two outfits per day. 66 lbs per month. Stay fresh on the go.


$25 / week

Three or more outfits per day. 84 lbs per month. Have an outfit ready for every occasion.

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